H2STUDENT workshops on sustainable mobility, with a focus on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies, continue into the second season. The educational competition program, which takes place within the project Zero-Emission Mobility Corridor Slovenia, is implemented free of charge for schools. The project is led by the company ECUBES TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. Educational and promotional activities of the H2STUDENT program are carried out by the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor. Together with the Institute for Green Development of the Soča Valley, we organized three workshops in Kanal and Tolmin, which were attended by a total of 115 children and 14 mentors.

At Gymnasium Tolmin, we talked to the principal, mag. Branka Hrast Debeljak about the H2Student program:

The H2STUDENT program was well received by the students of the Tolmin Gymnasium. The H2STUDENT team presented the students with the theoretical background of hydrogen technologies appropriately, and above all organized the work in groups so that all students actively participated in the construction of their vehicle. An additional charm was added by the competition between groups, in which students realized that a team approach is important for successful work in addition to knowledge – they evaluated the technical implementation of the vehicle, it’s design and management skills of the navigator.