In an interview for H2STUDENT, we spoke with a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who said the following about the »Video campaign of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia on the Importance of Culture and Creativity in achieving Sustainable Development Goals«.


The goals of sustainable development, to which the international community is continuously committed, are the driving force of global activities to improve lives. With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, all Member States of the United States have committed themselves to building a world in which all people live in prosperity, considering planetary constraints.


Sustainable development goals are an important/key principle of Slovenian foreign policy, and Slovenian foreign policy wants to pay special attention to creativity in achieving these global goals. In 2021, which has been declared the Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development by the United Nations, and when Slovenia takes over the Presidency of the Council of the EU, this area will be particularly highlighted.


For this purpose, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia prepared a promotional video campaign with a selection of five videos. In them, we have put at the forefront Slovenian individuals who creatively pursue individual sustainable goals through their activities and work. Following the principle of storytelling, individuals in videos share unique thoughts and views on life and work and illuminate their creative ways of achieving sustainable goals. With this, we also want to promote Slovenian creativity and excellence.


The promotional campaign will be aimed at both the Slovenian public and foreign ones, the latter especially within the EU formats and other international activities and events related to the role of cultural and creative industries in foreign policy.


The videos focus on 5 (out of 17) sustainable development goals, to which culture and creativity make a particular contribution:


Goal 4. – Quality Education, which we present in the story of the H2Student project, led by assoc. Prof. dr. Matjaž Knez promotes clean energy infrastructure development, linking renewables by clean transport, and educates young people about hydrogen-electric mobility.


Goal 8. – Decent Work and Economic Growth are at the forefront of the story told by the director of the design company Donar d.o.o. Matej Feguš;


Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities and Slovenian excellence in achieving this is the project of reviving construction sites in the city centres of the cultural association Prostorož and architect Maša Cvetko;


Goal 13. – Climate Action and the development of philosophy without waste in fashion design and everyday choice of materials is presented by designer Tina Princ, with the brand Things I missed;


Goal 16 – Peace and building an inclusive society is the goal of the Bridges of Herzegovina project, which will take place in Mostar, BiH and in which Slovenian-Bosnian author and musician Damir Avdić will mentor workshops with young people from different ethnic groups in BiH.


The videos were created in collaboration with the Apis Institute and are the work of the author Manca Juvan



Watch the video: