As part of the educational, competitive, and fun workshops H2STUDENT, which are taking place in Slovenia these days, on the sidelines of the Hydrogen Bus Tour, already four thousand children participated today. We awarded the principal of Kanal Elementary School an award for the possibility of including her children in our program, which is running for the fourth year this year.   H2STUDENT is strongly involved in the activities of the North Adriatic countries, which unite in the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley (NAHV), where many projects are being prepared in the future, with the help of which green hydrogen will

Industrial partners, universities and decision-makers from the participating countries: Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, explored further development possibilities and already planned projects.   At last year’s conference in 2021, an important international partnership of companies, universities and research institutions of the Northern Adriatic was formed, which will invest in the hydrogen ecosystem in partnership with regions and countries. The North Adriatic hydrogen valley has started to develop.   PROGRAM:   VIDEO:  

H2STUDENT participated in the North Adriatic cross-border Hydrogen Valley conference and witnessed the opening of the first hydrogen filling station in Slovenia. ECUBES d.o.o. together with partners brought hydrogen to Slovenia for transport purposes!   Noth Adriatic cross-border Hydrogen Valley is a great, development opportunity for the region. We will need thousands of young engineers, with competencies in the field of zero-emission transport based on hydrogen technologies.   Due to the lack of hydrogen competencies in Europe, we want to contribute to the realization of the 2030 Agenda with the H2STUDENT educational program. Hydrogen technologies and green hydrogen will be

In an interview for H2STUDENT, we spoke with a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who said the following about the »Video campaign of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia on the Importance of Culture and Creativity in achieving Sustainable Development Goals«.   The goals of sustainable development, to which the international community is continuously committed, are the driving force of global activities to improve lives. With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, all Member States of the United States have committed themselves to building a world in which all people live in prosperity, considering

Clean, emission-free transport is a fundamental part of the transition to a sustainable society. The connection of renewable sources with emission-free transport is crucial for ECUBES TEHNOLOGIJE Ltd., where the H2STUDENT program has a significant role.   Together with the Institute for Green Development of the Soča Valley, we conducted three workshops at the Kanal Primary School and the Tolmin Gymnasium .  We included 115 primary and secondary school children and 14 mentors. In this way, with the institution mentioned above, in education, we supported the already started green crossing of the Soča Valley, where at the end of 2021,

H2STUDENT workshops on sustainable mobility, with a focus on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies, continue into the second season. The educational competition program, which takes place within the project Zero-Emission Mobility Corridor Slovenia, is implemented free of charge for schools. The project is led by the company ECUBES TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. Educational and promotional activities of the H2STUDENT program are carried out by the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor. Together with the Institute for Green Development of the Soča Valley, we organized three workshops in Kanal and Tolmin, which were attended by a total of 115 children and 14

H2STUDENT is a unique, free educational competition program, which takes place within the infrastructure project “Corridor of Emission-Free Mobility of Slovenia,” led by ECUBES TEHNOLOGIJE d.d., with the support of MITSUBISHI POWER EUROPE, Toyota Adria, and many other partners. The H2STUDENT program, which is gaining more and more support in the environment, was created based on the successfully implemented Hydrogen Zero Emission Mobility & Education Roadshow, conducted by the English company ECUBES ARCOLA, during the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia. The H2STUDENT program was implemented for the first time in the 2019/20 season in Slovenia and Croatia. The program, which

We are pleased to announce that a supporter of the H2STUDENT program, Japanese power equipment manufacturer Mitsubishi, together with Shell and Vattenfall, will build a power plant in Hamburg to produce hydrogen produced by electrolysis, using electricity produced in solar and wind power plants. The electrolyzer’s initial power is expected to be 100 MW, and the project will use the existing infrastructure of the Moorburg power plant. The project partners intend to apply for funding from the European program of important projects of common European interest in the first quarter of this year. According to their plans, the first amounts